Opportunities in Atlanta – From Hinterland to Prime Market

December 9, 2019 –
Around 2012 and 2013, Atlanta was viewed as a “hinterland” commercial and residential real estate market according to Bisnow panelists, and now it stands out a primary one filled with opportunities. (Updated on December 13, 2019 to reflect a great example of Atlanta’s revitalization of neighborhoods with paths in green space.)

Here we are for the reasons for the present opportunities in Atlanta:
1. College student population – 5th largest nationally.
2. Metro Atlanta – 4th largest growing metropolitan area.
3. Atlanta – #1 city for corporate relocation the past six (6) years.
4. Midtown Atlanta – 36,000 jobs being added.
5. Multi-Family market remains strong – shortage of apartments, 4% vacancy rate.
6. #1 market for supply-chain technology.
7. Credit Ratings:
– Georgia, AAA
– Atlanta, AA
8. Atlanta BeltLine – Never can this brainchild from just 20 years ago, be under-estimated. Tourists visit Atlanta just to see a gem that, along with the Atlanta United soccer team, provides civic pride.
9. Emergence as National City for Investments
“Atlanta is definitely on the radar [for outside investment deals] according Bisnow panelists on December 5th 2019. Just look at the multi-family opportunities.
10. All of Atlanta is included in this attraction for opportunities.
– Dowtown Atlanta = Now a popular location for recent transplants, and hub for tourist and local attractions.
– Midtown / Intown Atlanta –
– WestSide Atlanta emerging as its own revitalized neighborhood.
– Peachtree corridor – You just have to smile.
– O4W (Old Fourth Ward)
– Parks – New large ones under development, including Bellwood Quarry and Rodney Cook at the entrance to Vine City
– Buckhead Atlanta
– Again, thank you to Jamestown for purchasing The Shops Buckhead Atlanta and caring about the community.
– It weathered a lot of transition, and still remains the prime location for newcomers.
– Can’t wait to see what it will be like at the end of 2020.

2020 Opportunities in Atlanta –
Thanks to all this incredible activity in recent years, 2020 presents the following real estate investment development opportunities, according the Bisnow Atlanta conference on December 5th 2019:
– Abundant capital and low interest rates. No better time than now.
> Abundant talent and universities, both local and regional.
– Affordable housing – both for sale and rentals.
> Back to small town USA in the big metro area.
– Capitalize on the number one airport in the world. Airport City College Park and major industrial parks.
> Creative cutting edge amenity packages for all property types.
– Do well by doing good, creating social communities.
> Greater focus on the customers than the users.
– Reimaging / Value add deals
> Residential for sale housing products
– Technology and tech disruptors
> Urban trail corridors, the the new beachfront properties for the city in the forest
– Wellness / Health

Thank You – Why The Cheer Leading

Thank you for your understanding in the cheer leading Atlanta bullet points. We have a story of perseverance, private-public cooperation. In the past 10 years, our city went from a secondary commercial and real estate market, to being a primary national and international one. Who could blame people for that perception. The Great Recession of 2008 hit us hard, as we felt more of the real estate downturn than most cities. Not until 2013, did we feel like we could breathe, and think about new development and expansion.

Although we felt in Atlanta that we could start breathe again in 2013 as pent up residential real estate buyer demand spurned the increase in home values, we still had that secondary market perception. In 2016, I experienced that attitude when I visited New York City, myself having grown up there and graduating from the nationally prestigious Riverdale Country School. NYC brokers dismissed Atlanta unless they had spent time in the Southeast. In 2020, perfect vision jokes aside, I look forward to meeting the same group of commercial real estate brokers, and get their perception of the opportunities Atlanta presents for them.

We went from “breathing again” to emerging as a national attraction from 2013 to 2017, and now in 2019 into 2020, a great place for real estate investments. During this time, Atlanta emerged has one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Think about how strong Atlanta must be when we have to compete here in the Southeast with Nashville, Charleston, the Georgia and Florida coasts.

For more information about Atlanta real estate investment opportunities, please contact James Kobal at Coldwell Banker Commercial Metro Brokers – (M) 678.993.4951, preferably text for first contact, and email at James.Kobal@metrobrokers.com.