Buckhead Atlanta Being Redefined – Progressing and Preserving Its Heritage

Note: Updated August 13, 2019
The change to this blog post includes videos about Buckhead Atlanta as The Shops Buckhead Atlanta about what could be and an “existing blueprint” in the West Village as of this afternoon.

CHANGE THE MAIN ENTRANCE – Combine The Best of Buckhead Atlanta!
Preserve the heritage of the neighborhood and simultaneously progress to meet the new needs of the neighborhood. Jamestown with Ponce City Market has already shown the ability to achieve this objective and we know its president Michael Phillips, a native Buckhead resident, will provide the same type of result. Obviously, he cares about the neighborhood, unlike the most recent owner Oliver McMillan who appears not to have done it. To its credit, it rescued the neighborhood as Ben Carter, another Buckhead native, ran into that roadblock of the Great Recession in 2008.

Already, the positive redefinition of Buckhead Atlanta can be seen in neighboring retail and multi-family projects on Peachtree and Pharr Roads. Going in the opposite direction, you have the Camden Paces Apartments on Roswell Road. Finally, as I started this essay, the West Village provides an example of what can be achieved and foundation for the continuity to preserve its heritage while progressing to meet the new and current demands of the neighborhood.

The iconic Henri’s Bakery proves that you can preserve the heritage and progress to a better location. Its new location does not have the same “character” as the old one, but it provides a more enjoyable experience.

Now that Jamestown Properties continues to ask for public input about changing The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, here is my opinion, originally posted on July 21st before the town hall meeting on the 24th, first of a few scheduled one. Change the main entrance to an area that combines the established Buckhead Village with the modern Buckhead Atlanta – E. Paces Ferry Road. Traveling on Peachtree to the current focal point of Buckhead Atlanta looks like a Berlin Wall. This vision came to me on June 5th as I walked E. Paces Ferry and recounted memories of when I ran there on Wednesday nights for marathon training runs with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. To the north was the good part of Buckhead Atlanta that was worth keeping and to the south, we looked the other way…Smile…Both the heritage and progressing Buckhead Atlanta are worth keeping. Just blend them.

Buckhead Atlanta on the next phase of a positive transformation.

One big hindrance remains for Buckhead Atlanta’s progress – traffic – especially – the lack of synchronized lights. Mayor Kasim Reed during some campaign adds in the 2010s recognized how much the lights impacted traffic. Then in November 2018, the Buckhead CID said it would be launching a study on the synchronized lights at the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods and made a public announcement at Phipps Plaza.

As Buckhead Atlanta progresses, local business groups must merge both generations. Let me blunt, the Buckhead Business Association must redefine itself. With an emphasis on millennials and people new to the neighborhood, they are alienating natives and those who have lived here for at least 15 years. What is a compelling reason for these people to make a weekly commitment to the organization, especially when they have established the sources for their services in other organizations or institutions? The BBA needs them. They do not need it. Having leaders like those as Jamestown and and Gen Xers, the new leaders, who moved here in the ’90s will revitalize this once great organization. (What I am saying about the BBA is not unique to organizations. As I can personally attest, the CIA faced a similar situation, starting in the late 1970s.)

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No. 2 Opus Place – “120% Happening!”

No. 2 Opus being built? “120% happening!”

Insider information confirms the fact that No. 2 Opus Place will be built. For the past few months, real estate industry insiders have questioned me about the progress of No. 2 Opus Place’s construction, in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. You will see the site transform right before your eyes beginning next month. By 2021 The completed luxury construction will take its place in the Atlanta skyline as the tallest residential tower in the city and the 5th tallest building overall in the city.

Some positive indications that construction is imminent:

  1. Lane closures on 14th Street as heavy equipment is delivered to the site and final detonations readying the bedrock formation under the site for the foundation will occur.
  2. Unfortunately the trees on 14th will need to be removed to provide ingress/egress to site for construction and cement trucks.
  3. The large shoring walls will be constructed to hold back the dirt as the Developer prepares to pour the foundation.

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Atlanta Residential Real Estate – Why It Is Hot – Our CRE and Business Environment Help

“Atlanta is putting a smile on its face.” A friend told me that when we met at an Urban Land Institute meeting. Just looking at the map, you could see the smile as the BeltLine continues to grow on its southern and western corridors. The eyes could be the neighborhoods of Buckhead in the northwest and and DeKalb neighborhoods along the I-85 corridor. The nose would be Midtown, with the upper lip being downtown and lower one the BeltLine.

I wrote the following message to a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties colleague in the New York City office who inquired about the state of the market. It starts at “Atlanta Market -“

Atlanta Market –
Starting Point Stat – City of Atlanta population will soon return to its 1970 level, and is expected to double in the next 10 years. Overall, Companies are either relocating or expanding their corporate office size here. Commercial real estate is active that way, and that means more residential business.

Area around Emory continues to do well, along with its neighbors in downtown Decatur and East Lake.

The BeltLine is another huge driver in the Atlanta market. As the name suggests, this project is connecting the city like it has not been for over 40 years. This desire for walkability has impacted Buckhead Atlanta with the continue growth of Path 400.

West Side of Atlanta is just starting to take off, and will be a key player in the next 5 years. Two new parks are driving the growth. One will immediately accelerate the re-vitalization of the area, next 10-12 months. The other, Bellwood Quarry Park, provides well-founded optimism. This one will be TWICE as big as Piedmont Park. (I have been working this area for the past few years.)

Brave Stadium –
The Atlanta Braves’ relocation has meant the growth of the old Turner Field as Georgia State University moves the focus of its campus to there. Simultaneously, Vinings, where the Braves now play, is seeing unprecedented growth.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Working Together – in Vinings

Relocation – Not Just What You Think

Relocation, automatically, infers that you are moving from one city to another. For Atlanta, relocation means moving from neighborhood to another, and that change can be almost as large as making a home in another state. For you see one of the beautiful things about Atlanta is its neighborhood diversity, that is accentuated by our “renowned’ traffic. Consequently, people tend to stay where they are for most of their work and play activities. The move to this current lifestyle started approximately 20 years ago when people realized that having a house in the northern suburbs while working inside detracted from their quality of life. Thus, when you move from part of Atlanta to another, you are leaving, presumably, the comforts of one neighborhood for the hope of an “easier” life in a new part of town, while being a virtual stranger as if you moved to another city.

Here it at the Silverman Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, we understand the stress of both an in-town and inter-state relocation. Our expertise will enable you to get your home sold for the most amount of money possible in the shortest period of time and purchasing your new one for the lowest possible price. Simultaneously, we will help increase your feeling of “home” in the new neighborhood. Our team’s strength in diversity includes members living in different parts of town while still working face-to-face.

Relocation also includes changing your financial asset allocation, especially for investing in real estate. We know the markets and how to generate the best return on your investment.

For more information, please contact James Kobal, James.Kobal@BHHSGeorgia.com or Gary Silverman, Gary.Silverman@BHHSGeorgia.com.

Residential and Commercial Estate Merge at AtlantaRealEstate.buzz

A couple of years ago when I attended a workshop at a most wonderful nationally renowned national organization, the Urban Land Institute, someone who has since become a friend, asked “What does this have to do with commercial real estate?” Commercial real estate development and residential depend upon one another. Having been in both industries, I have the unusual vantage of seeing how they merge.

Our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties residential real estate office depends upon office space. Clients consider their commute to a CRE space, their office, when purchasing a home.

Bisnow, the premier commercial real estate conference and daily news source, opened the eyes of both commercial realtors and lone residential one at the Future of Atlanta Health Healthcare earlier this May.

Eyes were opened at this Bisnow conference when talking about Midtown Atlanta, and how residential and commercial developments feed off one another. (Do not ask me which one came first, and frankly that is an “academic” question.) In Midtown, the obvious example of the merger is the new Whole Foods at the corner of 14th and W. Peachtree Street and recent residential construction. —- Wait! Remember what I said about healthcare, and the better example, The new Northside Medical Center. This healthcare facility along with new ones are being built close to where people live. Yes, it is next to Whole Foods. That attracts business from both recent residential development that is both thriving and not conveniently near a grocery store and other supporting amenities, and from the commercial side, the iconic IBM/One Atlantic Center.

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Welcome to AtlantaRealEstate.buzz

Thank you for taking the time to read the inaugural blog post of AtlantaRealEstate.buzz by James Kobal, a REALTOR with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties in its Midtown Atlanta office.

Atlanta Real Estate Relocation Consultants? We at the Silverman & Associates team recognize that the vast majority of real estate transactions involve “relocation.” People usually associate this term transferring from one state to another. We know, especially here in Atlanta, that you can just as easily experience a dramatic change by moving from a northern suburb to inside the Perimeter (I-285).